I am a Naval Academy graduate and former Naval line officer with service during the Cold War, Desert Shield and Desert Storm and a man of faith who has an unrelenting love for our country, The United States of America. I seek election to the United States Senate to represent the American people in the development, fulfillment and upholding of legislation and policies that will fortify the strength of this nation and propel it to higher levels of greatness in the future and inspire hope.

Just as I fought to advocate for my troops as a Naval officer and for patients as a doctor, I will tirelessly commit the same fervor to fight for what is right for this country and all of its beautiful people.
As your elected US Senator, I vow to stand for:
The United States and its citizens first

Every bill that I author, congressional decision I make and vote I deliver will be done with a consideration of how that action will affect the American people Sound Economic Principles

I will fight frivolous Congressional spending, fight to re-engage the fossil fuel energy sector and be proactive in re-energizing the agriculture and manufacturing industries- We must “Fuel and Feed America!”

Law and Order

I will fully fund and support Law enforcement and will work to rebuild their image and authority! I will take action to close our Southern Border immediately to control illegal immigration, human trafficking and drug smuggling causing our Fentanyl crisis!

Smaller government

I will stand to minimize regulatory management, policies and spending to unleash the true potential, creativity and power of America, its business and its people.

Lower taxes

I will fight for lower taxes for businesses and individuals and work to ensure that American corporations get better regulatory environments and tax rates domestically than they are offered abroad

Individual freedoms and liberties

I will always support and defend The United States Constitution and every right, freedom and liberty therein! I am pro-life and pro-second amendment!


I will fight for education reform that truly focuses resources to students, our most prized asset and fully empower parents, the primary stakeholders in every child’s life!

Goals when elected:

  1. Immediately begin work on legislation to delineate criteria to end The National Emergency status as it relates the Covid-19 Pandemic. This would reduce continuous spending in this area.
  2. Fight to close the Southern border immediately and hold DHS and the Administration accountable for a National Security at the Southern border and all territorial boundaries
  3. Author the “Fuel and Feed America Act,” Open Keystone XL pipeline, remove restrictions on drilling on Federal Reserves, provide special grants and aid to the agriculture industry so they will be equipped to handle a looming food crisis
  4. The “Back To America Act”- a bill to incentivize U. S. corporations to operate domestically by setting corporate tax rates lower than international rates and reducing regulatory constraints
  5. “Inspire Hope Act”- a bill that will incentivize private corporations like 3M and Honeywell to open PPE and durable goods manufacturing facilities and apartment housing in unoccupied buildings near homeless ladened areas. These companies will have incentives to hire, train and develop these homeless employees, and run the corporation with private sector funding like any other private business.

Leadership with character and integrity that will fight for what is right for all of this great country’s people!